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Urban Informatics parking systems are intended for parking garages and outdoor parking lots. Everyday challenges - lack of parking spaces and users' time, and on the other hand, management challenges and increasing the flow of parking lots, require active management of parking lots. With our own software solution, we combine security, increased traffic flow and an ecological note with technologically sophisticated systems.  


Access control

Effective management of vehicle entries/exits from the closed parking area. Access restriction by user and identification. Geosegmentation. Event management. Automation of vehicle crossings. Central management. Analytics and reporting.

Traffic management and control

Increased traffic flow rate. Optimal use of existing parking areas. Monitoring the current occupancy of parking spaces. Video correlation. Analytics and reporting.

Parking fee charging

Increase in revenue from parking fees. Integration of a paid system - subscribers, free access, time-limited access. Cash and non-cash payment.


The Urban Informatics parking management solution is completely modular, based on the type of parking lot and customer requirements. System modules for user management, device management and reporting are part of the xEMS software solution of the Urban Informatics parking system and are custom used. 

Payment station

It is designed for accepting payment from vehicles exiting the parking area. The modular design enables various combinations of payment acceptance - acceptance of cash, payment cards, payment by phone. Calculation of the parking fee (including the amount for the lost card), return of coins/banknotes, SMS notification and printing of the invoice.

Automated parking system (entry/exit)

Management of entry and exit from the closed parking area. At the entrance, station APS Exit identifies the arrival of the vehicle and issues parking card, or reads entrance card, subscriber and prepaid RFID cards, OTE and event cards. The exit station checks the use of different media to exit the parking area. The highest level of automation of the parking system is ensured by the identification ...

Licence plate recognition system / RFID

Access control based on licence plate recognition ensures complete control of vehicles in the parking lot. The software solution makes it possible to determine user rights according to the desired keys, prepare a black/white list and quickly search for events with a filtering system. An RFID tags can also be used to identify parking lot users.

Automatic bollards

Automatic bollards restrict vehicle access to the parking lot and other areas. There is no limit to the width of the passage when placing the automatic bollards, which is a big advantage. In urban centers, automatic bollards do not obstruct pedestrians and cyclists, but only serve the basic function of limiting vehicle access. Automatic bollards can be combined with other parking systems.


The purpose of using barriers is to control access to parking lots. The barriers cover entry/exit passages up to 7400 mm wide, and with their reliability and fast opening, they significantly contribute to the flow of traffic. Barriers in combination with an APS entry/exit station or identification with a license plate / RFID tags and a payment station provide an excellent parking solution.

Guidance system for parking garages

Guidance system for parking garages with the help of parking detectors, indicators for parking spaces and LED displays allow better efficiency of vehicle flow, directly affect the users' satisfaction while using parking lots and contribute to a lower carbon footprint.

Digital guidance signs

Digital guidance signs help increase traffic flow. They are intended to guide users and provide "real-time" information about the parking lot situation (occupancy status). VMS variable content signs are custom designed by the client

Traffic counting and geo segmentation module

Module supports import of car counting data, connectivity to inductive car counters directly, PGS system and geo segmentation based on ANPR data. Data can be viewed in basic or pivot view.

Custom modules / cashier modules

Custom modules for cashiers or security guards. Aggregation of all necessary data.

CCTV live view module

Live image review. Possible different views.

Get in touch with us

The particularities of the parking lot and your needs are a good starting point for preparing a customized solution. Let's design your best parking system solution together.


With each client, we plan, design and develop a customized parking solution with regard to specific equipment, software solutions and requirements. The answer to specific requirements is our own IoT software solution (various modules, technologies, information, reports) that provides specific information and efficient parking management. With this way of working, we improve our parking solutions in accordance with the latest technological solutions, process work and user experience.

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Are you having trouble managing your parking lot? Do you want to implement access control and parking fee payments? Are parking lot users using different media for entry/exit the parking lot? Or do you have a specific problem and want to integrate different systems into a central control system? Get in touch with us and together we will design an effective parking solution.


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