iEMS - industrial Event Management System is a solution specially developed for industry&logistics, ports, city centers, parking, bus stations, airports, roads&tunnels with goal of managing security, safety and logistic. We create IoT ecosystem of various devices of technical security,  physical access, sensorics to give clients exactly what they need to optimize their business. Having right information, in a right form, at the right  time is crucial. 

Functionalites of iEMS solutions


IEMS software helps with event management, GDPR centralization, alarm and access control management and alarm classification. Access Control (ANPR, RFID) Under vehicle scanning Event video corellation Visitor management


Enables constant monitoring of current space occupancy, ADR recognition, vehicle measurements, thermal and linear vehicle scanning. ADR recognition Thermal scanning Vehicle measurement Axle counting


Effective material flow management with access control, truck weighing, night deliveries, pre-announcements and traffic automation. Pre-scheduling. Ramp and door control. Weighing (scale or WIM). Variable message signs.SMS/Pager process control. Process automatization.

Business intelligence

Deeper knowledge of facility events with visitor counting, conversion analytics, customer classification, satisfaction measurement, motion analytics and geosegmentation.


iEMS solution is modular, you pay exactly what you need - per location and per device. Available both in on-premise and cloud version, each module delivers special functionalities and automatic reporting bound to it. System modules for user management, device management and reporting are part of iEMS framework and come with any module bought.

Real time occupancy RTO module

Real-time occupancy measurement of people traffic helps at challenge of COVID limitations of customers per square meter. Module is measuring each entry and exit, can show variable messages on the screen and control the external devices through I/O. Optional digital signage enables to better use of welcome screen.

Device management module

All end devices connected to REMS are constantly monitored for faults, errors and connectivity. Their status is shown in dashboard and notifications are automatically sent at critical changes

Basic People counting module

Basic views on traffic data in day (by hours), week (by day), month (by day), year (by month) view with basic reporting and data export possibilities

Advanced People couting module

All basic views on traffic data expanded with powerful pivot table tool combining all the variables and allowing multiple aggregation and comparison analytics. Automatic weather correlation and events/marketing metadata enable advanced automatic reports

Access control module​

Includes vehicle, asset and person access rights module​. RFID UHF, ANPR, mobile number, access card ID, QR code​, user type​, white/blacklisting​, time validity and scheduling​

Event management module

Provides all events listing​, advanced filtering​, automatic media corelation (document, CCTV footage, event log, and others)​, event classification​.

Weighning module

Weighing scale and needed devices control (traffic light, ramp, 3D positioning scanner, VMS signs)​. ​Weighing document creation​. Specialised weighing reports​. Weighing alarm algorithms​. Weighing scale communication (LIBELA and UTEŽ)​.

User admin module

Allocation of rights and access for various media (RFID, EPC, license plates).

CCTV live view module

Live image review. Possible different views.

Transport scheduling modul​e

Managing the delivery of ordered goods with pre-scheduling of vehicles. External users receive login information, guaranteed traceability, automation, the possibility of ERP integration.

Mobile/web control apps module

Management, review and control via web application (mobile phone, tablet and PC).

Custom module /cashier module

Custom module for cashiers or security guards. Aggregation of all necessary data.

ADR module

Recognizes ADR markings on vehicle, while driving.

UVSS module

advanced vehicle safety inspection.

GDPR module

live time overview - who are doing and what they do on the systems.

Special needs/Idea?

Do you have a challenge or a special idea? We are willing to listen to you and develop a solution that will help you achieving your goals. Send us an inquiry through contact form.

Reference list

Each client is a unique story, with its own specific requirements and wishes. Solution is a custom iEMS software environment (different modules, different technologies, different information, different reports), which provides important information and consequently the competitive advantage of the client. We like to customize. 

Contact us

Let's create the best solutions together!

Integrated equipment

Systematic integration of world known brands according to the specifics of the client is crucial to provide accurate data, which is the basis for reports, analytics and further improvements.


Contact us. We will present a modular software solution developed specially for the industry and logistics segment.


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